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Making Soccer Gear Last

All of the soccer apparel a player needs amounts to a few hundred dollars when you’re buying top notch gear, a drop in the bucket compared to hockey or football. The appeal of soccer worldwide is that it’s an inexpensive sport to play at a high level. Still, the money you do spend should be precious. Especially when you’re buying brand name gear and looking to elevate your game.

If you’re looking for tips to make soccer shoes, gloves and other gear last longer then you’ve come to the right place.

Oil Your Leather

The adidas Copa Mundial is one of the best shoes for mid-level play. It’s made of kangaroo leather, which is soft and form fitting. It also requires care and treatment to stay that way. Make sure you take the time carefully clean the non-leather parts of the cleat with soap and dishwater. Then, you can take leather balsam made by adidas to condition the leather portions of the cleat.

Make sure you avoid using soap and water on the leather, as it will dry everything out.

Goalkeeping Gloves

Gloves have been a staple of goalkeeping gear for decades. The last known player to have gone a game without wearing gloves was Simon Farnworth of Bolton, who played the Freight Rover final at Wembly in 1986 bare knuckled.

Naturally, keepers put a great deal of care into the gloves that protect them. Avoid landing on your palms when you need to make a diving catch, and try to avoid using your hands to stand as you rise. This stops mud and dirt from getting caked into the crevices of your glove.

Most gloves are machine washable, but a few have some specific instructions to be aware of. If you have leather gloves, be sure to condition them just like you would with your cleats.

Other Gear

Mainly, keeping gear in your soccer bag will protect it for a long time. Make sure you wash your training outfit frequently, so you can avoid moisture and bacteria buildup inside the bag (the telltale sign being a stinky bag). If your bag starts to take on an odor, don’t let it linger. Some players Febreeze their bags and others wash. Look at your bag’s care instructions for best information and use some kind of deodorant that kills bacteria if you decide not to wash. Also, give your cleats a good clapping before you toss them into the bag. There is no worse feeling than dirt tracked onto the clean white adidas shirt you’ll want to wear after practice.